Pierre Ailliot
Université de Brest

Research interests
  • Environmental statistics
    • Space-time models for meteorological processes
    • Stochastic weather generators
    • Extreme values
    • Wind, wave, rainfall, sea-surface temperature
  • State-space models
    • HMM, Markov-switching autoregressive model, state-space models
    • EM and MCEM algorithms
    • Particle filters



  • Platzer, P., Yiou, P., Naveau, P., Tandeo, P., Zhen, Y., Ailliot, P., & Filipot, J. F. (2020). Using local dynamics to explain analog forecasting of chaotic systems. arXiv preprint arXiv:2007.14216. preprint.pdf
  • Chau, T. T. T., Ailliot, P., Monbet, V., & Tandeo, P. (2018). An efficient particle-based method for maximum likelihood estimation in nonlinear state-space models. arXiv preprint arXiv:1804.07483. preprint.pdf
  • Ailliot P., Delyon B., Monbet V., Prevosto M. (2016). Dependent time changed processes with applications to nonlinear ocean waves. arXiv:1510.02302. preprint.pdf

International jounals

  • Chau, T. T. T., Ailliot, P., & Monbet, V. (2020). An algorithm for non-parametric estimation in state-space models. To appear in Computational Statistics & Data Analysis. preprint.pdf
  • Tandeo, P., Ailliot, P., Bocquet, M., Carrassi, A., Miyoshi, T., Pulido, M., & Zhen, Y. (2020). Joint Estimation of Model and Observation Error Covariance Matrices in Data Assimilation: a Review. To appear in Monthly Weather Review. preprint.pdf
  • Ailliot, P., Boutigny, M., Koutroulis, E., Malisovas, A., & Monbet, V. (2020). Stochastic weather generator for the design and reliability evaluation of desalination systems with Renewable Energy Sources. Renewable Energy, Volume 158, October 2020, Pages 541-553. preprint.pdf
  • Ailliot, P., Delyon, B., Monbet, V., & Prevosto, M. (2019). Time‐change models for asymmetric processes. Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, preprint.pdf 
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  • Bessac J., Ailliot P., Cattiaux J., and Monbet V. (2016).Comparison of hidden and observed regime-switching autoregressive models for (u, v)-components of wind fields in the northeastern Atlantic.Advances in Statistical Climatology, Meteorology and Oceanography, 2, pp 1-16, paper.pdf 
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Book chapter

  • Tandeo P., Ailliot P.,  Ruiz J.,  Hannart A.,Chapron B., Cuzol A., Monbet V.,  Easton R. and Fablet R. (2015). Combining analog method and ensemble data assimilation: application to the Lorenz-63 chaotic system. Machine Learning and Data Mining Approaches to Climate Science (Springer), preprint pdf


Ailliot P., (2004), Modèles autorégressifs à changements de régimes markoviens. Applications aux séries temporelles de vent. Thèse de l'université de Rennes 1. download pdf

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