09/12/2016: Updated Site Go to this website for up to date software and informations.
    16/12/2007: NetBioDyn (java applet) replaces and improves minibiodyn.You can use it with Linux, Mac OS and Windows.
    29/06/2007: for minibiodyn
        1) the affinities between reaxels allows the creation of mobile complexes
    14/05/2007: for minibiodyn
        1) the number of entities is now displayed in the bottom bar (at the right of the name of each entity)
        2) a rich text/image/link description can be added to each behavior
    13/05/2007: in minibiodyn, entities can now be linked (a 1/2 life allows to determine the duration of the link)
    08/05/2007: for minibiodyn
        1) a rich text/image/link description can be added to each entity
        2) a rich text/image/link description can be added to the simulation
        3) curves and reaction rates can be exported in text format (usefull for analysis in excel)
        4) a summary of the models can be displayed in rich text format
    07/05/2007: for minibiodyn: empty cell ("vide") can be now a reactive
    06/05/2007: miniBioDyn examples added
    28/04/2007: miniBioDyn addition: 1/2 life for entities and environment size editable
    26/04/2007: miniBioDyn is now stable and has a easy-to-use interface
    24/02/2007: New version BioDyn for .NET environment.
    I am a Professor Assistant in Computer Science. Member of the EBV team of the Laboratoire d'Informatique des Systèmes Complexes (LISyC), UFR Sciences et Techniques, UBO.
    I teach object programming  at the Computer Science Department and I develop algorithms and softwares for computational biology .
    * Virtual Biology
    * Self-assembled systems
    * Multiagent systems