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I am currently a PhD student (since october 2018) at Laboratoire d'Océanographie Physique et Spatiale (Brest, France).

My research focuses on the dynamics and lifecycle of (sub)mesoscale coherent structures in the Arabian Sea. For instance, we adress the following questions: How eddies can generate submesoscale features via destabilization ? How vortices interact with each others ? What are the consequences of the interactions between the vortices and the bathymetry? I use altimetric data and in situ data to determine the typical structure of mesoscale eddies in the region of interest. Then, I perform idealized numerical simulations with the Coastal and Regional Ocean COmmunity (CROCO) model, to study the dynamics of these surface eddies. This work is done under the supervision of Xavier Carton and Thomas Meunier, and in collaboration with Pierre L'Hégaret and Mathieu Morvan.

I am also very interested by the internal wave process. In particular, I study the generation of lee waves in realistic simulation. I investigate the potential impact of the generation of lee waves on the energy dissipation in energetic region such as the Gulf Stream area. This work is done in collaboration with Jonathan Gula and Noé Lahaye


[3] De Marez, C. , Meunier, T., Morvan, M., L'Hégaret, P., & Carton, X. Study of the stability of a large Realistic Cyclonic Eddy, Ocean Modelling (submitted).

[2] De Marez, C. , Morvan, M., L'Hégaret, P., & Carton, X. (2019). On the 3D structure of eddies in the Arabian Sea, Deep Sea Research Part. I.

[1] De Marez, C. , Carton, X., Morvan, M., & Reinaud, J. N. (2017). The Interaction of Two Surface Vortices Near a Topographic Slope in a Stratified Ocean, Fluids , 2(4), 57.


May 2019, Physindien 2019 experiment, Arabian Sea, member of scientific team, onboard French Navy's BHO Beautemps-Beaupré. Pictures

April 2019, EGU meeting, Vienna. Poster


2018. M.Sc. Marine Sciences, Physics of the ocean and climate. Université de Bretagne Occidentale.

2018. M.Sc. second year, Open. Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon.

2017. M.Sc. first year, Fundamental Physics. Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon.

2016. B.Sc. Physics. Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon.

2014. DUT Génie mécanique et Productique, equivalent of an associate's degree in mechanical engineering. Université Claube Bernard Lyon 1.

Past work (as an undergraduated student)

Study of lee waves in the Gulf Stream. Master 2 internship under the supervision of Jonathan Gula and Noé Lahaye.

Interaction de deux tourbillons de surface proche d'une marche topographique dans un océan stratifié. Master 1 internship under the supervision of Xavier Carton. Report (in french).

Mécanismes responsables d'une transition ductile-fragile dans les métaux : simulation par Dynamique Moléculaire. Licence 3 internship under the supervision of Dome Tanguy. Report (in french).

The following work has been done during my scholarity at the ENS de Lyon with my fellow classmates !

Effet Aharonov-Bohm dans sa baignoire. Practical project with Guilliam Butseraen. Report (in french).

Dynamique de foules. Numerical methods project with Grégoire Uhlrich. Report (in french).

Décohérence: du quantique au classique. Quantum information project with Grégoire Uhlrich and Guilliam Butseraen. Report (in french).