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Microbiology of  Extreme Environments



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Loïs Maignien
Associate Professor / CNRS chair
Microbial EcoGenomics
University of Western Brittany

Loïs Maignien - Associate Professor
Microbial ecologist seeking to understand how microbes change their environment... or maybe the other way around.

They do the job:

Blandine Trouche - PhD student
Blandine is working on abyssal sediments microbial ecology and biogeography with amplicon and metagenomics approaches. She will use samples collected as part of IFREMER's "ABYSS" project, sequenced at the Genoscope through a France Genomique "eDNAbyss" grant.
Read her MSc. thesis repport on metagenomics binning  here


Sabrina Berlendis - Postdoc
Sabrina is carrying research on the Bacterial and Archaeal commmunity structure along steep salinity gradients of Mediteranean sea deep hypersaline lakes. This work is in collaboration with IAMC of Messine.


Damien Courtine - PhD student
Damien started his PhD in October 2014. He is investigating the diversity, ecology and evolution of extremophiles through the lens of  genome sequencing and comparison.
Clarisse Lemonnier - PhD student
Clarisse is investigating the seasonal patterns of pelagic Archaeal and Bacterial communities using molecular ecology approaches. She initiated our "microbial series" within the long-term ecological observatory in Brest
- Read her  2015 MSc. thesis report here
- Best DNA extraction methods for marine planktonic Bacteria and Archaea: read her lab project report and poster
- Revisiting the dataset published by Hugoni et al. in 2013 with Oligotyping: read her M1 intership report here

Florian Trigodet- PhD student
Florian is investigating the electroactive behavior and community assembly of marine biofilms that form on conductive surfaces.
- Read his 2015 MSc. thesis report
- Best DNA extraction methods for marine electo-active biofilms: read his report.
- Spatial patterns of deep-sea hydrothermal vents microorganisms with Oligotyping: read his internship report here

They did a great job

Arnaud Fichant - IUT internship
April 2017, 2.5 month

In an internship for the University Institute of Technology, and under the lab supervision of Nadege Quintin, Arnaud cultivated several Thermococales and Thermus isolates and sequenced their 16S rDNA genes. These strains will now be able to join our public marine collection. Read his report here (french)

Julien Barillere - IUT internship
April 16 2015, 2.5 month

In an internship for the University Institute of Technology, Julien participated to our long term coastal microbial observatory, from sea water sampling to 16S Illumina library preparation. He planned and supervized our "tidal" experiment, in which microbial communities variations were evaluated over a full tidal cycle

M. Galant - IUT internship
April 16 2015, 2.5 month
In an internship for the University Institute of Technology, M. Galant   cultivated and sequenced 16S rDNA genes  in order to examine phylogenetic reationships among our rich Thermococales isolates collection. Read  her report here

Nolwen Leost - IUT internship
April 1 2014, 2.5 month
In an internship for the University Institute of Technology, Nolwen started tens (soon hundreds!) of cultures from our hyper thermophile strain collection, with the aim of sequencing their 16S rDNA gene. All these bugs that spent years in the limbos of the -80° freezers will soon receive a name. Thanks Nolwen!

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