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Microbiology of  Extreme Environments



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Loïs Maignien
Associate Professor / CNRS chair
Microbial EcoGenomics
University of Western Brittany


ACE - Antartic Circumnavigation Expedition, 2016-2017.
Funded by the Swiss Polar Institute and the Genoscope, in collaboration with N. Cassar Lab at Duke University.
The  microbial ecogenomics group participated to the 2017 Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition on  board of the R/V Akademic Trechnikov. We have collected over 1000 seawater samples along the cruise track in order to better understand Southern Ocean microbial diversity and biogeography. Thanks to a collaboration with the GENOSCOPE, we are getting high quality amplicon, metagenomics and metatranscriptomics data. Together with the wealth of environnemental data acquired during the ACE expedition, we will provide new views on microbial ecology around the Antarctic continent.
ACE overview antarctic circumnavigation expedition track


The Brest Bay Microbial Observatory, 2014-present
We have started a  coastal microbial obervatory in order to better understand microbial community dyamics in relation to seasonal bigeochemical cycles, global change and human activity in the Bay of Brest. We sample seawater bimonthly at the St Anne du Portzic, a station from the SOMLIT national coastal observation network. We analyze microbial community  structure using 16S rDNA amplicon libraries and metagenomics.

EBAME  - 2016- present
Workshop on Emerging Bioinformatics Approaches in Microbial Ecogenomics
This annual workshop focuses on various state-of-the-art data analysis practices targeting genome-resolved metagenomics including recovery of population genomes from metagenomes, analysis of micro-diversity through single-nucleotide variants, strain deconvolution, comparative genomics, application of network theory to complex metagenomic data, and data visualization. The workshop is made possible by the support of numerous funding sources, including the LabEx Mer, the UBL Université Bretagne Pays de Loire, the INRA research institute.

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RegEx - PI L. Maignien - 2 yrs - 99 k€ - 2015-2016
Regulation et Expression des Genomes Extremophiles pour la decouverte de nouvelles voies metaboliques.
This projet aims at better understanding extremophile genome expression and regulation under extreme temperature and  pressure stresses using transcrptomic approaches. Suported by the "Region Bretagne" in the framework of its SAD program (strategies for a sustainable atractivity), this project will fund a postdoctoral fellow, as well as functioning expenses for 2 years.
project start: June 2015
region bretagne
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GenoLimit - 3 yrs - 98 k€ - 2014-2017

Genomic adaptations to life limit conditions: Comparative and functional genomics of isolated extremophilic Archaea and Bacteria. This project started in October 2014 and will fund a PhD Scholar to work on comparative genomics of extremophiles. Detailed description of the project here.
Fundings for this project are provided by the ARED program of Region Bretagne, the cluster of excellence in marin sciences
LabEx mer, and the University of Western Brittany
project start: September 2014
region bretagne
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M2BIPAT - PI: Laurent Memery - 2 yrs - 40 k€
Marine Microbial Biodiversity Patterns. Starting in May 2014, this project initiates a microbial series within the Brest long term ecosystem observatory, with the aim to integrate these biological data to physical/biological modeling. Planctonic, Archaeal and Bacterial communities
from contrasted water column settings of the Iroise Sea marine protected area (Ushant stratified front), SOMLIT and Lanveoc stations will be monitored at high frequencies using molecular marker sequencing.
L. Mémery, L.
Chauvaud, A. Leynaert, C. Paillard / LEMAR
M. Sourisseau, R. Siano / DYNECO,
M. Jebbar, L. Maignien
/ LM2E
Funded by the cluster of excellence in marin sciences LabEx mer, and the LTER Brest Iroise.
Project start: May 2014
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