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Loïs Maignien
Associate Professor / CNRS chair
Microbial EcoGenomics
University of Western Brittany


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Electroactive bacteria associated with stainless steel ennoblement in seawater
Florian Trigodet, Nicolas Larché, Hilary G Morrison, Mohamed Jebbar,
Dominique Thierry, Lois Maignien
Frontiers in microbiology, 2019

Microplastic bacterial communities in the Bay of Brest: Influence of polymer type and size
Laura Frère, Lois Maignien, Morgane Chalopin, Arnaud Huvet, Emmanuel Rinnert, Hilary Morrison, Sandrine Kerninon, Anne-Laure Cassone, Christophe Lambert, Julie Reveillaud, Ika Paul-Pont
Environmental pollution, 2018

The effect of rhizosphere microbes outweighs host plant genetics in reducing insect herbivory
Charley J Hubbard, Baohua Li, Robby McMinn, Marcus T Brock,
Lois Maignien, Brent E Ewers, Daniel Kliebenstein, Cynthia Weinig
Molecular ecology, 2018

The plant circadian clock influences rhizosphere community structure and function
Charley Hubbard, Marcus Brock, Linda Van Diepen, Loïs Maignien, Brent Ewers Cynthia Weinig
 The ISME Journall, 2017
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Thermococcus piezophilus sp. nov., a novel hyperthermophilic and piezophilic archaeon
with a broad pressure range for growth, isolated from a deepest
hydrothermal vent at the Mid-Cayman Rise

    Cécile Dalmassoa, Philippe Oger, Gwendoline Selvaa, Damien Courtinea, Stéphane L’Haridona,
Alexandre Garlaschellia, Erwan Roussela, Junichi Miyazakie, Julie Reveillaud,
Mohamed Jebbar, Ken Takaie, Lois Maignien, Karine Alaina,
Systematic and Applied Microbiology, 2016

Editorial: New insights into microbial ecology through subtle nucleotide variation
A M. Eren, Mitch Sogin and Lois Maignien
Front. Microbiol, 2016
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Complete Genome Sequence of the Hyperthermophilic and Piezophilic Archeon
Thermococcus piezophilus CDGST, Able To Grow under Extreme Hydrostatic Pressures
Cécile Dalmasso, Philippe Oger, Damien Courtine, Myriam Georges, Ken Takai, Lois Maignien, and Karine Alain
  Genome Announcements, 2016
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Genome Sequence of the Piezophilic, Mesophilic Sulfate-Reducing Bacterium
Desulfovibrio indicus J2T.

    Junwei Cao, Lois Maignien, Zongze Shao, Karine Alain, Mohamed Jebbar
  Genome Announcement, 2016
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The effects of variable sample biomass on comparative metagenomics
Meghan Chafee, Loïs Maignien, Sheri L. Simmons
  Environmental Microbiology, 2015
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 Stratified Community Responses to Methane and Sulfate Supplies in Mud Volcano Deposits:
Insights from an In Vitro Experiment
    Yu Zhang, Loïs Maignien, Alina Stadnitskaia, Pascal Boeckx, Xiang Xiao, Nico Boon.
Plos One 9 (11). 2014
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Ecological Succession and Stochastic Variation in the Assembly of Arabidopsis thaliana Phyllosphere Communities.
Loïs Maignien, Emelia A Deforce, Meghan E Chafee, A. Murat Eren, Sheri S. Simmons
mBio 5. 2014
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Host-specificity among abundant and rare taxa in the sponge microbiome.

Julie Reveillaud, Loïs Maignien, A. Murat Eren, Julie a Huber,
Amy Apprill, Mitchell L Sogin, Ann Vanreusel
The ISME journal, 2014
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Oligotyping: differentiating between closely related microbial taxa using 16S rRNA gene data
A. Murat Eren, Loïs Maignien, Woo Jun Sul, Leslie G. Murphy,
Sharon L. Grim, Hilary G. Morrison, Mitchell L. Sogin
Methods in Ecology and Evolution,  2013
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A Dried Yeast Fermentate Selectively Modulates both the Luminal and Mucosal Gut Microbiota and Protects against Inflammation, As Studied in an Integrated in Vitro Approach.
Sam Possemiers, Iris Pinheiro, An Verhelst, Pieter Van den Abbeele, Lois Maignien, Debby Laukens, Stuart G Reeves, Larry E Robinson, Thomas Raas, Yves-Jacques Schneider, Tom Van de Wiele, Massimo Marzorati
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 2013
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Anaerobic oxidation of methane in hypersaline cold seep sediments.
Loïs Maignien, R John Parkes, Barry Cragg, Helge Niemann, Katrin Knittel, Stephanie Coulon, Andrey Akhmetzhanov, Nico Boon
FEMS microbiology ecology, 2013
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Barcoded pyrosequencing analysis of the microbial community in a simulator of the human gastrointestinal tract showed a colon region-specific microbiota modulation for two plant-derived polysaccharide blends.
Massimo Marzorati, Lois Maignien, An Verhelst, Gabriela Luta, Robert Sinnott, Frederiek Maarten Kerckhof, Nico Boon, Tom Van de Wiele, Sam Possemiers.
Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, 2013
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Anaerobic oxidation of methane in a cold-water coral carbonate mound from the Gulf of Cadiz
Loïs Maignien, Davy Depreiter, Anneleen Foubert, Julie Reveillaud, Lies Mol, Pascal Boeckx, Dominique Blamart, Jean-Pierre Henriet, Nico Boon
International Journal of Earth Sciences ,  2011
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Cold-water coral mounds on the Pen Duick Escarpment, Gulf of Cadiz:
The MICROSYSTEMS project approach

D Van Rooij, D Blamart, L De Mol, F Mienis, H Pirlet, L M Wehrmann, R Barbieri, L Maignien, S P Templer, H de Haas, D Hebbeln, N Frank, S Larmagnat, A Stadnitskaia, N Stivaletta, T van Weering, Y Zhang, N Hamoumi, V Cnudde, P Duyck, J-P Henriet
  Marine Geology 282 (1-2). 2011
Link   pdf

 Enrichment of a microbial community performing anaerobic oxidation of methane in a continuous
high-pressure bioreactor

Y Zhang, L Maignien, X Zhao, Fengping Wang, Nico Boon.
BMC microbiology. 2011
Link   pdf

In quest of the nitrogen oxidizing prokaryotes of the early Earth
Siegfried E Vlaeminck, Anthony G Hay, Loïs Maignien, Willy Verstraete.
Environmental microbiology 13 (2). 2011
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The imprint of methane seepage on the geochemical record and early diagenetic processes in cold-water coral mounds on Pen Duick Escarpment, Gulf of Cadiz
L M Wehrmann, S P Templer, B Brunner, S M Bernasconi, L Maignien, T G Ferdelman.
In Marine Geology 282 (1-2). 2011
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PHB‐degrading bacteria isolated from the gastrointestinal tract of aquatic animals as
 protective actors against luminescent vibriosis

Y. Liu, P. De Schryver, B. Van Delsen, L. Maignien, N. Boon, S. Sorgeloos, W. Verstraete, P. Bossier, T. Defoirdt FEMS microbiology. 2010
Link   pdf

Biodiversity of cold seep ecosystems along the European margins
Ann Vanreusel, Ann Andersen, Antje Boetius, Douglas Connelly, Marina Cunha, Carole Decker, Ana Hilario, Konstantinos Kormas, Lois Maignien, Karine Olu, Maria Pachiadaki, Benedicte Ritt, Clara Rodrigues, Jozee Sarrazin, Paul Tyler, Saskia Van Gaever, Heleen Vanneste.
Oceanography. 2009
Link   pdf  

Role of the protozoan Isotricha prostoma, liquid-, and solid-associated bacteria
in rumen biohydrogenation of linoleic acid

C Boeckaert, DP Morgavi, JP Jouany, L Maignien, D Boone, Veerle Fievez
Animal. 2009
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Accumulation of trans C18:1 fatty acids in the rumen after dietary algal supplementation is associated with changes in the Butyrivibrio community.
Charlotte Boeckaert, Bruno Vlaeminck, Veerle Fievez, Lois Maignien, Jan Dijkstra, Nico Boon.
Applied and environmental microbiology 74 (22). 2008
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Carbonate mounds in a mud volcano province off north-west Morocco: key to processes and controls.
A Foubert, D Depreiter, T Beck, Loïs Maignien, B Pannemans, N Frank, D. Blamart, J.-P. Henriet.
Marine Geology. 2008
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Microbial fuel cells for sulfide removal
K Rabaey, K Van de Sompel, Loïs Maignien, N. Boon, P. Aelterman, P. Clauwaert, L. De Schamphelaire, H. Pham, J. Vermeulen, M. Verhaege, P. Lens, W Verstraete
Environmental science & technology. 2006
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