I am a researcher at IRD (Institut of Research for Development) at the Laboratoire des Sciences de l'Environnement Marin (LEMAR)

My research interests are investigating how organisms respond to environmental variations throughout their life cycle, and the population and ecosystem level impact of these responses. I am particularly interested in fish populations and their ecosystems and how these populations respond to a variety of stressors of anthropogenic origin (e.g. habitat loss, fisheries exploitation, and xenobiotics) in addition to a rapid climate change.

Contact Info

Laboratoire des Sciences de l'Environnement Marin (LEMAR)
Institut Universitaire Européen de la Mer (IUEM)
Technopole Brest-Iroise
rue Dumont d'Urville
29280 Plouzané

Tel : +33 2 90 91 53 52
laure (dot) pecquerie (AT) ird (dot) fr